Welcome to Goldsmiths Music Society. We are here to provide a platform and support for your ensembles and groups whilst enhancing your musical experience at Goldsmiths.


As musicians, we recognise the importance in collaboration and working with fellow artists. The Goldsmiths Music Society is an opportunity for you to discover new artists, showcase your own talents and meet like-minded people at our social events. Those who you meet through the society will not only remain useful contacts during your time at Goldsmiths but also for the future as well.

To join the society click here: http://www.goldsmithssu.org/activities/societies/oursocieties/music/

You may be wondering who we all are:

President – Andrew Rolland – aroll001@gold.ac.uk

Vice President – Ellie Rashid – erash001@gold.ac.uk

Conducting Workshop Leader/Events – Gemma Longhurst – glong001@gold.ac.uk

Student Coordinator/Events – Susanna Lee – slee048@gold.ac.uk

Student Coordinator/Events – Dominic Johnson – djohn052@gold.ac.uk

Secretary/Events – Zafaran Landers – zland001@gold.ac.uk

String Quartet/Events – Ed Dingley – eding001@gold.ac.uk



For any further information please feel free to contact us here.